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Ferienwohnung Oetztal Hannesnhof Hase
Ferienwohnung Oetztal Hannesnhof Hase

Wilma & Flori

our animals

Well, did we spark your curiosity? The rabbit is listening…

“Oh, look, what a pretty tree! So big and with sooo many colorful leaves… looks like it might be a chestnut tree. That would be the perfect place for a tea party. C’mon Emma, where are you?” “OK, I’m coming.” And Tessa pranced on, laughing and wiggling her ears. “Ugh, wait for me,” Laura grumbled.
She ran after them as fast as she could. In no time at all, the three little ones were under the shade of the big chestnut tree. They made themselves comfortable in the fresh grass. “Uh, the moss is so amazingly soft – the perfect place to rest. But does anyone know why there are so many balls of wool lying around?” asked Tessa. All three of them looked puzzled. “No idea why they are lying there. They are white… well, not quite white, but they are curly.” A faint “baa, baa” could be heard in the distance. Laura then began to giggle loudly. “I know exactly what they are… these are balls of sheep’s wool… or ‘hal wölle’, as we call it here.” They were curious, so they continued to examine the balls. A few sheep trotted around the corner. One rather chubby one and four more curly sheep. “Oh, you found them. There are my balls of wool. We were looking for them everywhere. I bet crazy chicken Hanna hid them again. Just wait ‘til I get ahold of her.” “Baa, baa.” Oh, we haven’t introduced ourselves yet: I’m Wilma, the oldest sheep here on the farm. And these are my friends: Flori, Flocke, Lotte, and Molly. And we need the wool balls to knit some beautiful hats. We also need warm socks for the winter,” Flori said, laughing out loud. “Yes, that’s right. After all, it snows a lot here in the winter, but it’s sooo much fun. Then we can go cross-country skiing and tobogganing, or we can just frolic and roll around in the snow,” Flori continued. “But tell me: Where are you actually from? And do you already know where you will find shelter tonight?” Wilma wanted to know. “We come from far away and no, we don’t know yet where we can stay tonight,” said Emma. The other two young goats nodded in agreement. “No worries. You already found the most beautiful chestnut tree, but there is also a nice warm stable over there. I’ll show it to you later, and you can stay as long as you like.” Soon after, a crazy chicken came hopping towards them. “Wilma, Flori, have you found the balls of wool again?” cackled Hanna mischievously. An equally mischievously grinning chicken named Berta waddled in after her. “We like that,” and all the animals laughed. Then the new friends headed for the Olpm-Stadl. “Hi. Nice to see you all here. I’m the rabbit here at the farm. My name is Hannesn. I’m the farm hand here, so to speak. I am responsible for everything that happens around the farm. Come in and pick a nice place. Later I can tell you what you can do in the summer while we are on summer vacation on the mountain pasture. From biking and hiking to just enjoying the beautiful surroundings. There is something for everyone.” In the meantime, the other animals in the stable joined in on the fun. (from: Welcome to Wilma’s & Flori’s Place)

If you want to know which animals still live with us on the farm, it’s best that you discover it on your own. All our animals love to be petted and played with – a unique vacation experience, especially for our younger guests.
We have a great variety of animals on the farm. We have everything from horses, sheep (Wilma, Flori, and their friends), and goats to chickens and two cats named Gin & Tonic – and we always add more.

Experience the ultimate relaxation and unwinding that comes with being around animals and enjoy your vacation at the Hannesnhof in Längenfeld.

Experience farm life

the farm and its residents

At the Hannesnhof children have the golden opportunity to actively participate in farm life. All our animals love to be petted and fed by the children. This gives parents a chance to enjoy the sun and simply relax. But of course, everyone is welcome to help with the farm work.

The feeding times of our animals depend on the seasons. The cornerstone of our animal feed is genuine Tyrolean hay. It is grown and harvested by the boss himself every year, fed fresh to the animals in the summer, and dried and stored for the winter.

The sustainable treatment of nature and our animals is one of the most important aspects of a functioning agriculture for us. For example, we take the valuable wool of the sheep to the nearby sheep wool center, where it is processed into a wide variety of products.